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Februrary 11th, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Johnson County Recreation Board – Meeting Minutes 2/11/2020
Attending: Ron Chapin, Mike Miller, George Mathes, Mike Moon, Dustin Sipe
Mike Knebel attending for website/software items

Not Attending: Jack Tarter, Lisa Griffith
6:40 – Call to order
Approve Agenda – Move by Ron, George 1st, with Mike Moon 2nd
Approve January Minutes – Move by Ron, George 1st, with Dustin 2nd
Approve Financials – Move by Ron, George 1st, Mike Moon 2nd
Michael Knebel recognized to present 2020 software
• Discussed Meeting Minutes on Website
• Review grant application & Q&A for software
• Presented costs for 2020 and new features
Move to approve presented changes & maintenance costs – Move by Ron, George 1st, Mike Moon 2nd, Unanimously approved.
Old Business: Harold Jarrard – Tabled for meeting
New Business:
• Website
• Grant Application Review
• Software Review
Adjourned 7:15