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Meeting Minutes November, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Johnson County Recreation District (JCRD)
November 14, 2017

Board Members Present:
Ron Chapin **Vikki Chenette
**Lisa Griffith ** George Mathes
**Jack Tarter **Hugh Turk
**Nicole Novotny-Wonka

** In attendance

The meeting of the Johnson County Recreation Board was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Jack Tarter in Buffalo, WY at the Johnson County School District #1 Administration building.

It was moved by Vikki and seconded by Hugh to approve the agenda. It was moved by George and seconded by Hugh to accept the minutes of the October meeting.

Jack presented the financials as of November 14, 2017. It was moved by Lisa and seconded by Hugh to approve the financial reports as presented.

Mike Knebel was recognized as a community member present at the meeting.

Under old business, the Board discussed the Summary of the Feedback on Johnson County Recreation Priorities from Amy Albrecht’s report to the board. Nicole noted that the report is not a strategic plan. The Board acknowledged that it was not but did accomplish what the Board had asked Amy to do by getting feedback from The City of Buffalo, The Town of Kaycee and the Johnson County Commissioners. Nicole feels we need a more formal strategic plan that involves input from the whole county. Groups should be encouraged to work together and this board could be a catalyst. Examples given were the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club and Johnson County Arts and Humanities and Creek Side Performing Arts. With declining revenues, it will be imperative groups work together. With the possibility of three new board members coming onto the board, action was tabled until new board members are appointed.

Jack reported that the Buffalo Police Department may their request during the next grant cycle. After discussing the City of Buffalo pool project and discussing the letter requesting the funds, Lisa will contact Julie Silbernagel and request a more complete financial accounting of the project before releasing the funds. The award was to be ½ of cost of the project up to $24,600. 00

Mike Knebel and the board discussed possible updates to enhance the website. Mike will draft a quote for the board.

Hugh said he would follow up with Tom Knapp in regards to the Harold Jarrard picnic project. He said some of the material had been purchased and was not located at the Park. The project was set up as a volunteer and Hugh was afraid it would not get completed.

Everyone thanked Hugh for the time that he served on the board. Jack noted that Lisa, George and Hugh’s terms were expiring and if interested, letters of interest should be submitted to Johnson County School District School #1 School Board.

It was moved by Lisa and seconded by Vikki to approve the following claims:

JCSD #1 Harold Jarrard Park Rental $1,800.00
Johnson County Fair Board $7,200.00
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Johnson County Recreation District
November 14, 2017

Continued claims approval:

JCSD #1 Shakespeare in the Schools $1,400.00
JCSD #1 Cheerleading Camp $1,940.00
JCSD #1 Track & Field Equipment $8.991.00
JCSD #1 Drop Microphones $2,067.00
JCSD #1 Recreational Bowling $3,200.00

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Griffith